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 In preparation for this fall's election season, the Council recently wrote to nearly 400 Maine candidates for statewide and national office, asking them to sign our "Covenant for Civil Discourse." To date, a number of candidates have responded favorably.

The Following Candidates have signed the covenant to date. (We update our list on a regular basis.)

Office Dist Party Salutation Title First Name Middle Name Last Name Mailing City
US D Ms. Shenna Bellows Manchester
SR 39 G Ms. Lauren Marie Besanko Portland
SS 30 D Senator James A. Boyle Gorham
SR 123 R Mr. Andrew James Bracy Orono
SS 20 R Mr. Eric L. Brakey Auburn
SS 25 D Ms. Catherine Breen Falmouth
SS 34 I Mr. Richard John Burns Berwick
SR 96 D Ms. Christine S. Burstein Lincolnville
SS 14 D Mr. David W. Bustin Hallowell
SR 25 D Ms. Jennie L. Butler Windham
SS 2 D Mr. Michael E. Carpenter Houlton
SR 15 D Representative Justin M. Chenette Saco
SR 40 I Representative Benjamin M. Chipman Portland
SR 47 D Representative Janice E. Cooper Yarmouth
GV I Mr. Eliot R. Cutler Portland
SR 49 D Representative Matthea Elisabeth Daughtry Brunswick
SS 8 D Mr. Paul P. Davis Brewer
SS 4 R Representative Paul T. Davis Sangerville
SR 101 D Mr. James E. Davitt Hampden
SR 9 D Ms. Diane M. Denk Kennebunk
SR 45 D Mr. Dale Denno Cumberland Center
SS 22 D Mr. Guy P. Desjardins Sabattus
SS 26 D Mr. G. William Diamond Windham
SR 111 D Representative Ann E. Dorney Norridgewock
SS 15 D Ms. Rebecca Cornell du Houx Augusta
SR 60 R Ms. Leslie T. Dubois Lewiston
SR 121 D Mr. Robert S. Duchesne Old Town
SS 17 D Ms. Joanne F. Dunlap Rangeley
SR 122 D Ms. Michelle Ann Dunphy Old Town
SS 1 R Mr. Peter Edgecomb Caribou
SR 91 I Representative Jeffrey Evangelos Friendship
SR 37 D Representative Richard R. Farnsworth Portland
SR 11 D Mr. Ryan M. Fecteau Biddeford
SR 66 D Ms. Mary-Vienessa Fernandes Casco
SR 147 R Mr. Larry K. Fox Presque Isle
SS 21 R Ms. Patricia J. Gagne Lewiston
SR 20 R Ms. Karen A. Gerrish Lebanon
SR 48 D Representative Sara Gideon Freeport
SR 74 D Representative Paul E. Gilbert Jay
SR 127 D Representative Adam A. Goode Bangor
SS 9 D Senator Geoffrey M. Gratwick Bangor
SR 82 R Mr. Randall Adam Greenwood Wales
SR 12 D Mr. Martin  J. Grohman Biddeford
SR 36 D Representative Denise Patricia Harlow Portland
SR 19 R Mr. Matthew A. Harrington Sanford
SS 28 D Senator Anne M. Haskell Portland
SS 3 D Mr. Craig John Heavey Canaan
SR 73 R Mr. Lloyd  C. Herrick Paris
SR 120 R Mr. Norman E. Higgins Dover-Foxcroft
SR 76 R Mr. Gary L. Hilliard Belgrade
SR 145 D Mr. Glenn M. Hines Hammond
SR 14 D Representative Barry J. Hobbins Saco
SS 24 G Mr. K. Frederick Horch Brunswick
SR 135 D Representative Brian L. Hubbell Bar Harbor
SR 4 D Ms. Patricia Hymanson York
SR 99 D Representative Brian L. Jones Freedom
SS 15 R Senator Roger J. Katz Augusta
SS 7 D Mr. Theodore S. Koffman Bar Harbor
SR 92 D Representative Charles B. Kruger Thomaston
SR 134 D Representative Walter A. Kumiega Little Deer Isle
SR 3 R Mr. Arthur Kyricos York Harbor
SR 42 R Mr. Marc M. Lamontagne Portland
SR 67 D Ms. Bonnie Titcomb Lewis Raymond
SS 21 D Representative Nathan L. Libby Lewiston
SR 109 D Representative Thomas R. W. Longstaff Waterville
SR 129 R Mr. Peter A. Lyford Eddington
SR 115 R Mr. Terrence L. Magee Woodstock
SR 131 D Ms. Veronica Garvey Magnan Sandy Point
SR 136 R Representative Richard S. Malaby Hancock
SS 25 R Ms. Cathleen A. Manchester Gray
SR 151 D Mr. John L. Martin Eagle Lake
SR 150 D Mr. Roland Daniel Martin Sinclair Township
SR 149 R Representative Carol A. McElwee Caribou
GV D Congressman Michael H. Michaud Portland
SS 29 D Senator Rebecca J. Millett Cape Elizabeth
SR 30 D Representative Kimberly Joan Monaghan-Derrig Cape Elizabeth
SR 38 D Representative Matthew W. Moonen Portland
SR 19 D Representative William F. Noon Springvale
SR 77 R Representative Robert W. Nutting Oakland
SR 15 R Ms. Carol A. Patterson Saco
SR 108 R Mr. John Joseph Picchiotti Fairfield
CG 1 D Congresswoman Chellie Pingree Portland
SR 33 G Mr. Andrew F. Reddy South Portland
CG 2 I Mr. Blaine Richardson Belfast
SR 59 D Representative Margaret R. Rotundo Lewiston
SR 26 D Representative Linda F. Sanborn Gorham
SR 64 R Mr. David P. Sawicki Auburn
SR 64 D Ms. Bettyann Watson Sheats Auburn
SR 143 D Representative Stephen S. Stanley Medway
SR 119 R Mr. Paul  A. Stearns Guilford
SR 54 G Mr. Daniel Longley Stromgren Topsham
SR 42 D Representative Peter C. Stuckey Portland
SR 95 I Mr. Gary E. Sukeforth Union
SR 54 D Ms. Denise Tepler Topsham
SR 123 D Representative Ryan D. Tipping-Spitz Orono
SR 76 D Mr. Richard H. C. Tracy Rome
SR 16 D Mr. Ronald E. Usher Buxton
SR 128 D Representative Arthur C. Verow Brewer
SR 133 R Ms. Susan M. Walsh Blue Hill
SR 84 D Ms. Charlotte May Warren Hallowell
SR 94 D Representative Joan W. Welsh Rockport
SS 3 R Senator Rodney L. Whittemore Skowhegan
SR 148 D Mr. Alan D. Whittemore Limestone
SR 91 R Representative Ellen A. Winchenbach Waldoboro



Covenant for Civil Discourse

The Board of the Maine Council of Churches believes the fate of our democracy depends upon truthful and respectful interactions among us all, especially when we hold differing views.  To express this belief, we created and adopted a Covenant for Civil Discourse in December, 2009.  

We invite all elected officials and candidates for public office in Maine, as well as individuals, campaigns, faith communities and other organizations engaging in issues in the public square to join us in this Covenant. 

Please click here to download the document.  If you or your organization choose to sign, please return a copy to the Maine Council of Churches, so that we can list you in any public communications about this project. 

 Covenant for Civil Discourse.pdf


Event Announcement:


The Covenant for Civil Discourse was created by the Maine Council of Churches in 2009.

A copy of the text is attached: Covenant for Civil Discourse.pdf


A listing of the 80+ Maine candidates who have signed the Covenant for Civil Discourse as of September 18 2012 is attached: 2012 covenant signers as of Sept 2012.pdf


Op Ed piece in Bangor Daily News by MCC Executive Director Jill Saxby on Covenant for Civil Discourse:


Downloadable event poster: Civil Discourse poster.pdf



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